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Teaching Nursing English

  • "Save a Person""Save a Person"
  • Pregnancy & Giving BirthPregnancy & Giving Birth
  • Nursing Uniform DressNursing Uniform Dress
  • "A Child Has Fever""A Child Has Fever"
  • "Admit a Patient""Admit a Patient"
  • "Orient Patient to Room""Orient Patient to Room"
  • Nurse with Patient & MomNurse with Patient & Mom
  • "Collecting Information""Collecting Information"
  • Taking Vital SignsTaking Vital Signs
  • "Traffic Accident with Broken Leg""Traffic Accident with Broken Leg"

I’ve just finished up teaching 3 conversation classes for students to practice speaking English in a nursing context. I used conversation examples of nurses speaking to patients, family members, other nurses, and doctors. I even threw in SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) because it’s a really great tool to organize information. The highlight of my Conversation Classes was the “Speaking Test”, where the students were required to do a skit for 6 minutes about a nursing related topic. Topics included, “ Fall down stairs with fatty liver”, “Save a person”, “ The story of emergency”, “Admit a patient”, and various ailments (pneumonia, appendicitis, pregnancy). Some of the students were such good actors and even used props! (Notice all the winter coats…it’s seriously at least 50 degrees F here, and this room actually has heat!)

Some of the groups didn’t hit the 6 minutes mark, but besides that, everyone did great! The students always seem so nervous to talk in class, so I like to think this helped them practice their English. Plus, it was nice to have some time off from talking in front of the class.

In other news, when I walked into the nursing building on Monday, I saw my name in huge letters (including my infamous middle name “Germaine”) on the projection screen in the atrium area.


Blonde Nurse Clip Art – Giving a Speech on Critical Care Nursing


My résumé…


Travel Nursing Speech….love the Nurses’ Cap with Wings!

I was surprised to see 3 different screens advertising my upcoming speeches, complete with clip art. Basically, they took my résumé and copied it for the school to see….no big deal. So I will be presenting on Travel Nursing and Critical Care Nursing for students and staff in the next couple of weeks. I’m even being bussed out to the JiaShan Campus 2 hours away to give speeches. I’m not a huge fan of public speaking, but thankfully I haven’t been terribly nervous for my classes. Maybe I was the first week, but when I realized that the students’ comprehension of English was less than I expected, I felt let pressure, if that makes sense.

I feel that I’m starting to get through to my students a bit more as time goes on, but I’m still not used to the amount of prep work required. I have 4 PPTs to do for next week, and have 1 finished, but that’s how I’ve always been regarding deadlines.  I’m a bit of a procrastinator, which means I’m writing a blog post when I should be working on those PPTs. Ha!

Well, seriously, those PPTs aren’t going to make themselves.

Maybe I can borrow that clip art?