• "Save a Person""Save a Person"
  • Pregnancy & Giving BirthPregnancy & Giving Birth
  • Nursing Uniform DressNursing Uniform Dress
  • "A Child Has Fever""A Child Has Fever"
  • "Admit a Patient""Admit a Patient"
  • "Orient Patient to Room""Orient Patient to Room"
  • Nurse with Patient & MomNurse with Patient & Mom
  • "Collecting Information""Collecting Information"
  • Taking Vital SignsTaking Vital Signs
  • "Traffic Accident with Broken Leg""Traffic Accident with Broken Leg"
# Project Hope, Teaching

Teaching Nursing English

I’ve just finished up teaching 3 conversation classes for students to practice speaking English in a nursing context. I used conversation examples of nurses speaking to patients, family members, other nurses, and doctors...
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